HRCH Dynamite Black Magic MH    The saga of Rescuing "RED" !! and other 'Dog Stories'!

I am sure that you all have noticed the logo on our website. This is my dog 'Magic'. ~ HRCH Dynamite Black Magic MH ~ We bred her to one of the best Field Trial (FC-AFC) dogs in the country, and she had pups last March. 

We thought we had found very good homes for the other 4 pups. I kept one for myself and his name is 'Rusty'. To see photos of 'Magic', her mom 'Split', and her pup 'Rusty' hunting click here!

Thank you for reading my story...... Tammy Bell



January 24, 2003

A doctor and his wife from Waterloo, IL, one of my puppy owners who had purchased the dog for their son, left a voice mail message to inform me that his puppy had sustained a cruciate ligament tear. When I returned the phone call to discuss the dog's problem that same day, he told me they had an appointment with their vet to have the dog euthanized in 20 minutes!! In my surprise I was able to delay the scheduled euthanization long enough so my vet would have time to discuss the matter more thoroughly with their vet.

Apparently their puppy, "Red", had sustained the injury at approximately 9 months of age at a professional retriever training facility. His right cruciate was severed and the left was torn. It would require surgery to repair the right leg and probably the left also. Evidently, the doctor and his wife were not willing to expend the funds necessary to repair the injuries. 

January 29

I could somewhat understand their dilemma and volunteered to take the dog back and bear responsibility for all medical expenses and rehabilitation. The doctor's wife insisted that I refund all of their money, but I told her that my "money back" puppy guarantee covered only congenital defects (any congenital defect, not only eyes and hips). A CCL tear is not a recognized congenital defect. Regrettably the doctor and his wife would not turn over the dog and papers unless I agreed to pay them $500. 



February 6

At this point I became extremely frustrated knowing that "Red" had been without medical treatment for over two months and possibly without any pain relieving medicines for over one month! I agreed to pay them $500 to return the dog to me and sent for him the next day. Andrew Goodman volunteered his airplane and his time to pick up the dog for us. We paid his fuel expenses and thanked him very much for helping us "RESCUE RED". 

"Red" has now been renamed "RANSOM"


February 7

Andrew Goodman the 'Good Samaritan' and "RANSOM"

We could not have accomplished this 'exchange' without Andrew. Andrew flew into Cahokia Bi-State Airport and retrieved our dog from these people. We will forever appreciate his help in returning "Ransom" to his home in Memphis. 


February 7

He was taken immediately to my vet, Richard Leggett, in Memphis for x-rays and evaluation. Surgery was scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 12 Many thanks to Dr. Leggett for working us into his schedule quickly. 


February 12

"Ransom" has surgery on his right knee. 




February 13

He is doing well today. I picked him up from my vet. We must keep him still and quiet. Recovery will be slow. He is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. He is in good spirits and resting well.


February 18

It has been almost a week now since the surgery and recovery is going well. Ransom doesn't realize it yet, but he still has a long wait until he can run and play games with the other dogs. I really believe they understand that he is injured. Even his brother, Rusty, is so gentle with him.


Resting in my office, Ransom, wonders why he can't play with the others. Patience will be hard in the next month until he undergoes the same operation on the other leg.


February 26

Relieved of bandages and stitches, Ransom relaxes on the couch.



Wait a minute Rusty! Don't wake him up.


March 13

Just when Ransom began walking well again, he is well enough to repair his left rear leg. Pam takes Ransom back to prepare for surgery.

Surgery goes well and prognosis looks good. 



March 14

Dr. Leggett checks in on Ransom after the surgery to see how the patient is doing. Sedated and bandaged he rests over the weekend and begins his 2nd recovery.

March 19


Glad to have you home. You are well on your road to recovery and soon will be learning all there is to know about retrieving. I can tell by the way you are bouncing around the house that you are anxious to learn too. It won't be long before you are chasing ducks this fall!


CHAPTER 6 - Major Setback

March 31

Bad news! Ransom escapes and re-injures his left knee. The situation could have been worse though. In the excitement of feeling much better and being able to walk again freely, Ransom broke free during a walk. His eye caught a very pretty terrier, and he made his break away. He chased her over a mile down the busiest street in the neighborhood! I chased after him but could not keep up and lost sight of him after a few minutes. I guess we are lucky he was eventually found alive and not hit by a car! He has only 7 lives left now! 


April 7

One more surgery to repair damage done in the escape! 

May 2

Ransom remains under close control at all times now. He is being very patient with the healing process, but I can see the sparkle in his eye when he watches the birds outside. He knows that one day he will have the chance to run and play, swim and hunt!


June 5

Growing Stronger! Ransom has been growing stronger everyday. Our dear friends Carolyn and Ray Ladd of Como, MS, who bought one of the female pups, have been taking care of him while their pup was in training. They have spent much time walking and swimming Ransom to make his legs grow stronger. His coat dulled by the many surgeries has been brushed and groomed daily and now has a bright shine and thickness I never thought it could. Carolyn now calls him 'HANDSOME RANSOM for that is what he is!'


June 6

NEW HOME! Carolyn wrote me today "Guess you know by now that we have fallen in love with Ransom.  He is so sweet and such a good boy." John and I were torn in deciding what to do with him as we had also fallen in love with him. As hard as it was to let him go, we decided it would be best for him to have a nice home in the country with a lake and loving new owners. He would also have his sister to play with when allowed. We couldn't have found him a better home, so our decision was easy and a relief to have completed his journey from death!



June 16

BEST PART! I can visit him whenever I wish! Went by today to pick up Lucy for training and took Ransom for a swim. Here he is jumping in the water and bringing back a bumper. What a great joy to see him swim and play again without any restraint. You can bet by fall he will be trained and ready to retrieve those birds!




August 2003

WOW! It seems like he really has been snake bit, but this time it is a real SNAKE! A Cotton mouth from Como, MS, has bitten his rear leg during a 4 wheeler ride around the pond. Good thing Uncle King is around to catch the scoundrel.

Another week of recovery and Ransom is back to his old rambunctious self. He is a bit apprehensive of crossing the pasture near the pond though!


December 2003

What a year to celebrate! 'Handsome Ransom' has made quite a journey. Here is his Christmas photo. After opening his stocking, he is invited to a Christmas Duck Hunt, his very first HUNT!!


AAAAHHHHHH, what a great life! Great duck hunt and then a warm bath to soothe the tired muscles.


We would like to thank all of the people responsible for helping us rescue Ransom and would like to especially thank the Ladd's for making the story book ending to the story of  'RESCUING RANSOM'!


December and January 2005-2006

Ransom is loading up the four wheeler with his bounty. Fortunately there is no limit on the birds for the dog, only the hunter!!



John and Ransom with snow geese, shoveler, and mallard in Mississippi. Ray hit a few too, but complained about his new Bennelli Super Black Hawk II not shooting well. After some dirty looks from Ransom, John and Ray's shooting improved greatly! Ray later found out that his gun barrel was bent.......likely excuse, but TRUE STORY!! He sent it back to the factory for replacement.


Ray duck hunts Ransom around Christmas while Lucy is at home in season. Ransom bags several ducks and is a perfect gentleman in the house and in the blind!


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